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This website is designed for hypnotherapy training. If you are a client looking for hypnotherapy treatment: 

Our mission is to help health care professionals transform their practice through hypnotherapy. To accomplish this, we have created online courses about hypnotherapy.

For Health Care Professionals

Free Hypnotherapy Online Courses

We offer free online hypnotherapy courses for health care professionals. The courses consist of pre-recorded videos, and interactive modules. Click here to access: "Hypnosis First Look"

Workshop On-board Cruises

 After taking your online course, if you want to have a hands-on experience in hypnotherapy, we have arranged some workshops on cruise for you. Click here for our next workshop... 

Six Week Live Online Discussion

After participating in our free online course, your journey in learning just starts. You will need an online support for at least 6 weeks. Click here to discover more...


When you take your free online course and live sessions, you will need an ongoing support from experts and colleagues. 

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Treata Hypnosis

210 - 550 Seaborne place, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0j4, CA

(604) 655-2013

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